About us

The Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IOŚ-PIB) is a Research& Development organization operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment. The Institute was established in 1986 and granted the status of the National Research Institute in 2010.

IOŚ-PIB carries out scientific research along with R&D works focused on supporting the country’s economy, with great emphasis placed on sustainable development, actions to combat climate change and rational use of the environment and its resources.

Our goal is to provide scientific and technical bases for the protection of environment to support development of national and international environmental policies. The achievements in the context of the latter distinguish the Institute among other national research units involved in works on environmental issues. Integrated environmental research carried out by the Institute’s team combines a variety of tasks addressing numerous research areas. The most important Institute’s activities comprise:

  • wide-ranging environmental research, in particular pertaining to:
    • the processes and effects of environment degradation, also in relation to climate change,
    • integrated environmental monitoring,
    • biological, physicochemical and ecotoxicological studies on the agents improving soil properties,
    • protection against noise and vibration,
    • water protection and management of water resources,
    • nature and landscape conservation,
    • nature management planning,
    • environmental impact assessments;
  • undertaking measures concerning the implementation of the results obtained;
  • comprehensive works towards fulfilment of commitments under international agreements on environmental protection ratified by Poland.

Furthermore, IOŚ-PIB implements the tasks of the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE), including emission monitoring and reporting as well as operation of the national database on greenhouse gas emissions and other substances.

Our longstanding experience in environmental research is most advantageous in implementing the tasks of a range of projects addressing climate change impacts and urban adaptation plans as well as water and sewage management and environmentally-friendly land-use planning. |

In the years 2012-2013, IOŚ-PIB carried out the KLIMADA Project – Development and implementation of the Polish National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change.